We Are Funding Our Own Prison

As crazy as that sounds, that is the only conclusion I can come to after researching the plans that the elite have been implementing for decades. Our law enforcement is being militarized both in training...

We Are Funding Our Own Prison

As crazy as that sounds, that is the only conclusion I can come to after researching the plans that the elite have been implementing for decades. Our law enforcement is being militarized both in training and equipment. We pay their wages.

Our military is being ‘Matrixed’ and if that doesn’t work, infiltrated with foreign elements. Our tax dollars pay for their services. Our banking system is being changed and set up to rob us at a moment’s notice, with us having no legal recourse. The IRS collects our tax dollars, which goes to the Federal Reserve to pay the interest on the money our government borrows from the FED. Our children’s educational system is propagandizing them to honor and serve the state, not their parents. We pay for their public education.

Our city councils and county supervisors are instituting codes and ordinances designed to further tighten the noose, making it ever more difficult for us to live independent lives. We pay their salaries. Our legislative and judicial systems are moving us ever closer toward an Orwellian police state where we will be unarmed, monitored and unable to fight back. We pay their salaries. All of these things are being funded with our dollars. What else can you call it?

Look at the move by city council and county supervisors all over the country toward regionalization in the United States. That is the next step of Agenda 21, not quite accomplished yet. There will be no place for any representative form of government when it is completed. There will also be no jobs left for these Dumb a** councilmen and supervisors.

That is the same goal with the so-called ‘Free Trade Zones’ like the European Union, the African Union and the Trans Pacific Partnership. Don’t these all sound like wonderful examples of nations working together toward a common goal? They are nothing but political, economic and eventually, military entities answering to a central, one world government and world bank.

That wonderful term ‘Free Trade’ is used to further centralized power out of the hands of the many and into the hands of the few. It is being used to justify the standardization of rules, regulations, laws, military and law enforcement within an area. Oh, and did I forget finances?

This is what happened with the European Union. Take a closer look at the EU. It is a body that is executive and at the same time, legislative. Their 27 commissioners make policies that affect all of those previously mentioned areas and, oh, did I mention, they are unelected.

One of the reasons for moving toward regionalization in the United States and unionizing nations world wide was to get rid of any semblance of a representative form of government. How will they do that? They’re already doing it. Even in America, all three branches of government are taking a pick ax to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Globally, these Unions supplant national constitutions. This is the philosophy of the Fabian Society. The rich and powerful few, with the correct bloodline of course, will decide everything for the rest of us – for our own good you understand. It will actually be for the good of the elite, but they’re hoping you won’t notice that.

So, the taxpayers, that would be us, are funding our own prison. Brilliant! The elite use our money to buy off those they need to cement their power and positions such as huge land owners, contractors, consultants, NGO’s (non-governmental organizations), corporations, charities (think Bill and Melinda Gates) Municipalities (city and county government). Huge ‘free’ grants are used to further cement central power. And just where exactly is there any room for a representative form of government? Oh, that is so old hat. That isn’t needed anymore. The common man isn’t smart enough (because the Cabal has dumbed them down) to know what is good for him, so we’ll do the thinking for him.

How the Russians must be laughing at us. We are moving right into an old Soviet style totalitarian regime, backwards. Democracy is on life support when so many organizations, all with seemingly disparate interests, are financially tied to the goals of the Cabal.

All of these moves have nothing to do with real ‘Free Trade’ or with representing the people of any nation. It is the final stages of a global takeover. And we’re paying for it! That is the reason the military has seen this huge purging of its top patriotic leaders in the last few years, . It is also the reason for the nearly unbelievable financial debt that we couldn’t pay off in three lifetimes. These Unions are designed to destroy national sovereignty and especially individual sovereignty. You are nothing but a number and a resource. And when you can no longer produce, your number is up.

At the same time, the Cabal produces a giant shell game designed to keep you distracted while fleecing you blind. “Oh wow, look at what celebrity is humping another one.” “Look at who has talent now.” “Who is going to get kicked off the island next?””Who do you think will win the Super Bowl?” Diversions are provided as a panacea so the sheep won’t notice the Judas goat leading them to the slaughterhouse.

And the greatest irony of all is, the Cabal couldn’t do any of this without our acquiescence and our money. So, what can we do? Well, besides educating ourselves on their plans so we’re fully awake and aware, we can share that knowledge with as many as will listen. And then there’s the money. I understand that it isn’t illegal not to pay your taxes. What is illegal is not filing your taxes. If anyone is brave enough to try that, let me know how that worked out for you. But what is perfectly legal and will screw things up pretty badly for them is to change your payroll deduction, save the money and pay your taxes on April 15th every year. It wouldn’t take long for us to hear a collective shriek from Washington D.C. And I’m betting the following year, that law would be changed not allowing that payroll option any longer. But until that time, it’s worth a try. Let them feel the pinch.

Start reclaiming your power with your dollar. Do you really need a new car every year or three cars for a two person family? Do you really need a five bedroom, seven bathroom McMansion? As long as you allow the elite to tell you what you need to be happy, you will be at their mercy. Get creative and brainstorm the various ways you can withhold your money from them. Then start at the local level and clean up the politics in your city and county. It is the first real step toward freedom. Get and stay out of debt. Stop parenting your children with your wallet. Your kids would far rather have your time and attention.

If you can’t home school, you can certainly home supplement their education and watch closely what they are being taught at school.

Best of all, look around and find a need that you would enjoy filling for people. Start learning a craft or trade that isn’t dependent on a company or organization. It may feel like a step back in history but you will be very glad you did it when the bottom falls out of our economy and you are still able to feed and clothe your family.

Remember, you are not a victim unless you think you are.