– The Real X-Files – The Real X-Files. Ένας θρυλικός ιστότοπος, που τώρα λιμνάζει στην λήθη του κυβερνοχώρου. Ανήκε στον περίφημο radioman.  Απλώς, όσοι καταλαβαίνετε από internet (για να το πω απλά), κοιτάξτε κάποιους από τους «επισκέπτες» του... – The Real X-Files – The Real X-Files.

Ένας θρυλικός ιστότοπος, που τώρα λιμνάζει στην λήθη του κυβερνοχώρου. Ανήκε στον περίφημο radioman.  Απλώς, όσοι καταλαβαίνετε από internet (για να το πω απλά), κοιτάξτε κάποιους από τους «επισκέπτες» του το 1999! Ετσι, γιατί όταν γνωρίζουμε ποιοί μπαίνουν σε έναν ιστότοπο …βγάζουμε πολλά ενδιαφέροντα συμπεράσματα. Κάποια στιγμή θα ανεβάσω τις επισκέψεις από τον server των terrapapers κι orgonodrome, έτσι για να γίνουν γνωστά τα καλόπαιδα που συχνάζουν εδωνά. Αλλά θα το κάνω όταν αποφασίσω να κλείσω τα σάιτ, δηλαδή περίπου το 3.198.524.6669.961.pki-xet-l μ.κ.ε.π.λ. … έχουμε καιρό ακόμη, κοιμηθείτε ήσυχα.

Φυσικά δεν χρησιμοποιούσε τα καταραμένα Windows!

@Ίων Μάγγος /2012 –

«We need a rogue agency to get the job done, otherwise we’ll all go crazy. This Order will have to be kept secret from future Presidents. We need a national security agency that nobody in government will even know about. We have no choice, dammit. Otherwise we will never get a handle around this thing. These jokers scare the hell out of me.» Imagined Statement of a Past American President

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«By the way, I’m a former intelligence analyst and I was impressed with your web page. Thanks, 73» – ‘Brian’

«I’m currently an intelligence analyst for the Marine Corps. This is an awsome site. It really has helped me in researching for briefs and finding places of possible employment after the Corps. Thanks for creating it !» – Quantico, VA

«I will stand on record as stating that you are the first to get out information» «Quite a site you have. What is your background regarding the military? Did you have above Top Secret clearance?» – Mitch Battros, TV Producer ( Earth Changes)

«A trickster, one who hides behind false masks, careful now the mask might stick (he must be on speed or something), you are a very strange animal a contributor to society in real life» – (PsiMan) Dane Spotts, CEO of Psi-Tech

«I am a regular visitor to your website and enjoy the news when it happens. Aloha … Glenn » – Glenn Wheaton,

«Did we work together on the Strange Universe pilot ?» «had a chance to check out your website. VERY COOL! VERY GREAT! Good stuff my friend.» all the best, Sean Morton

«I’m glad you liked it ! (‘The Music of Time’ , in the Montauk Project Book Series by Preston Nichols / Peter Moon), thank you so very much (for the web link)» «Good luck and stay in touch.» – by Peter Moon , Author

«Wow! that’s one intense site you got there!» -Alexandra Bruce, Author of the Philadelphia Experiment Murders (see Sky Books link)

«Your website is definitely one of the most awesome on the entire Internet»- Norio Hayakawa (

«Thanks for listening and for writing. I will save this e-mail. Thanks. I’ll save this for a look later and see what I can find. (On my upcoming Weissbach national radio show interview) » Cool. Hit a homerun and have great radio fun. ‘Break a lip, «as we say» «God bless, Punnett» – Ian Punnett – host of Coast-to-Coast AM (SundayNight Edition)

«you are speaking codes, we do know the rv field is overloaded with hatred, acrimony, jealousy, etc. you have the truth? must be nice!» mary – overnight producer(The Jeff Rense Show)

«That’s the biggest bunch of BS I’ve ever heard» – David Oates: Founder of Reverse Speech Enterprises , Bonsall, CA

«The SPYder Web, the mother of all conspiracy sites» – from Kris Kalanges

«Thank you, for continuing to maintain an unbiased voice and for your honest attempts» – WebPublisher: Boise, Idaho

«I am a reporter for the Monterey Herald … I am really interested in your site» – Melissa (

«Rarely do we find websites such as yours – ones that are so full of ‘fertile links» …Finding a good story topic is not always easy. We’ll surely find several good ones just
off your links.» Thanks, Budd Bewee, Wire Editor – Arkansas Chronicle

«Hi ! Excellent website … Keep up the excellent work.» – Michael Claibourne DreamWorks SKG (

«you have some very interesting sources that many would like to have access to.» – Joe Oddo, Editor,

«Looking foreward to your content. You’ve got a helluva site.» – Stas Stewart webmaster –

«Thanks. I’ll bookmark it ( PSYCHICSPY.COM ). Thanks for listening, your kind words. Hell, it’s 4:40am and I’m answering email personally, (something I gotta stop as I’ve been sittin’ here since before 4:40 pm!). Thanks again. Rollye»

«Thanks for your lovely offer.» «Thanks for the kind offer» Appreciate your past listening and stay in touch. Rollye – Rollye James, Radio Show Host

«I don’t understand (all this) … Please do explain. Thanks -Kim’s Komando Krew (from Kim’s radio show

«MY GOD ! What are you using it (computer) for ??? – Tech Support from the computer manufacturer: re – Multi-Gigabyte usage)

«I would love to add it ( your site ) to our links page» -Keith Ord, webmaster for (see banner below)

«I spent 18 years in Navy Intel in various places …WE HAD AIRCRAFT with flight records showing visits to area 51 between the years 1982 and 1987… a lot of them we would do the refitting of the belly doors for the C.I.A. and the N.S.A. thanks, what I have wanted to say for many years»  ~shadow~

«Thank you very much … What a site. Thanks for the contact» – Robert A.M. Stephens, Contractor, NASA Shuttle Documentation Program

«it is one of the most in-depth indexes of it’s kind on the Web, insightful portals to what most of us would assume does not exist, so much substance a day would not be enough to do it justice» – Dave Zeigler – NW Coastal Community


by ‘radioman’


Since my ‘quest’ started 11 years ago at one of the East-West. Bookshops, followed by posted flyers, classes, and ultimately meeting other psychics – I understand the value of books, and am grateful for all those who have provided me with food for thought, but at this time, with the Internet so available, I have no real desire to publish anything, despite some 965 pps of text and some 1965 links on my website (PSYCHICSPY.COM), nor am I selling books, tapes, videos, classes, seminars, or lectures – for the last 7 years I’ve been keeping a web ‘journal’ of my journey so that
others might be inspired to do the same …

Remote Viewing is a small part of something older, Remote Sensing and even Reverse Speech is ‘Remote Hearing’, or Clairaudient Psychic Ability – and Medical Diagnosis, NUMBERS, even the Internet and searches can be done by psychic means, despite what Ed Dames and others say … Joe McMoneagle was the closests with his ‘future time shifting’/higher self theory – it has worked for me for the last seven years …


I have been asked to share some of my experiences about psychic ability. I firmly believe that it is something that we all have in our lives. It’s been a lifelong ability for me, one that I’ve only come
to accept recently. As they say at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, «You are not crazy, you’re just psychic !»

Today I am a Reiki Master (III) an an Ordained Minister. I have told some of these personal stories on the Internet before today. I created the website PSYCHICSPY.COM, and have been using
psychic abilities to ‘find’ things for my News Service. My long newsletter says that about 5% luck, 20% psychic ability, 25% tools and 50% perserverance account for my success so far.

I won’t discuss what I do on my site other than to say that Donna Quinn and I have been friends for some years, and in addition to some 1700+ links on my site, Donna and I became acquainted at
the time ‘Strange Universe’ aired, and I was adding hundreds of ‘paranormal’ links to my site. I am an independent researcher, and a former electronics technician. Donna and I were both interested in Reverse Speech back then …

Looking back, it’s odd to some that I’ve ‘recently’ become interested in the Paranormal. Many know me from the Internet Resources I’ve collected, or from my background in radio, electronics, or the press. Usually I end up defending my interests with skeptics on the ‘Net and some think I’ve spent so much time researching the Remote Viewing area that I now ‘think’ I’m psychic.
Major Ed Dames once said, » … A head shrink (he was hired as a consultant) at CIA was tasked to study my military team, looking for those criteria that ‘make the best remote viewer’ (CIA was very covetous of the Army unit (Project Stargate, et all) in the early days but, for political reasons, could not have its own, until virtually nothing was left of the operational unit — then it got the scraps).

After batteries and batteries of tests, the bottom line: there are no key recognizable selection criteria. (for remote viewers) «While I now believe that we all ALL psychic, early on in my life I recognised that I had the ‘gift’ then, but was in total denial, to the point of ‘receiving’ psychic warnings, totally ignoring them, even to the point of doing the opposite, then experiencing the results.
My mom was the neighborhood version of ‘Jeanne Dixon’. A good Catholic, she had ‘inherited’ the psychic abilities from her family, and was well known locally for giving ‘advice’. This actually did
escalate to the point of a Jesuit priest being sent to investigate her abilities, including ‘automatic writing’, where she would channel the ‘Old Testament’, in massive channeling sessions.

While NONE of  her text ever differed even slightly in meaning from anything in the Bible, particularly the Old Testament, yet word-for-word wise none of what she wrote, in the manner that she wrote it, was ever IN the Bible either. It was as if she was receiving ‘dictation’, as dizzying speeds, usually with tears in her eye, writing feverously, sometimes on the table as opposed to fresh paper, followed by the phrase, «Well, what did I write ?» Sometime it was hard to make out the exact words, but it was clear to me at an early age that she had no knowledge of what she had just written !

A Jesuit priest was sent to investigate her abilities. While he could not disprove that which he had himself been a witness to, he was reluctant to file the official paperwork on his results. He ended up taking a leave, and followed up by leaving the Church. Mainly due to some personal conflicts in his field, the issue of having to ‘debunk’ my mother’s abilities proved ‘too much’ to ask, and he later thanked us for helping him make his choice, indirectly, and coming to terms with his own faith !

While it’s true that I never showed any signs of doing ‘automatic writing’, I did show signs eventually of clairvoyance, clairaudience, psi & general ESP, and telekinesis as a child – which may have made my mother happy, but caused me great pain and conflict growing up with my interest in Science and Engineering, and not wanting to be particularly ‘special’ in any way. Since I tried for most of my life to suppress these ‘abilities’, I have no idea how far I’d have come by now if I had only been more open to all of it. So suppress, I did, despite many ‘psychic warnings’ and precognitions into my early ’20s at regular intervals. At age 36 I had an early ‘mid-life crisis’ where I was moving to another State, where no one knew me, or had even heard of my family, and I realized that I could re-invent my past and never let on anything about psychic ability if I wanted to.

Of course the experiences continue to this day, and I decided about 10 years ago to accept the ‘gift’, and try to develop it furthur, which has in fact caused some of the hardships my mother went through. In my case, some local redicule where I now live, and having been made an active suspect in a local FBI investigation for a day after some of the psychic information I offered in a missing child/murder case here was verified some 72 hours later after the FBI followed other leads to the body of the missing child. If anyone wants to read more about the incident, there is a lot more on my website specifically about this case.

I mention this as part of INTENT, which seems to be the first and primary ‘activator’ of psychic ability. In this example, the whole town was trying to find the girl, and I was a former member of the local Sheriff’s Department Search and Rescue Unit – seeing some  of my friends canvass the neighborhoods, as well as the entire town, there was a lot of interest and INTENT in finding the girl then. I had made a statement, which included some help of another one of the remote viewers from the Internet. P. Hopkins, in Canada helped me do another ‘session’ to recover even more data about the missing girl before I went ‘public’ with what I had.

I wanted to have some corroborating evidence/data from a second viewer, who I contacted through the Psi-Tech Chat Room, who helped me greatly understand what I was ‘getting’. My wife independently received additional info, as a psychic herself, and warned me that the girl had been recently deceased, and confused about what had happened to her. I only offered what little I had, and, yes – she had met with foul play and was deceased !

The girl’s spirit was so strong and clear that I now have some feedback as to what to ‘look for’ when trying to determin whether a spirit is ‘alive’ in a body, or not. Feedback sessions played a major role in training Military Remote Viewers, and as a newcomer to some of this, I’m still learning. As Joe McMoneagle said, the data is usually correct – how we choose to interpret it is what gives the
psychic a bad name ! In summary, some of my worst fears have been realized, and this outcome shows why being an ‘out of the closet’ psychic can be undesirable, and why I suppressed the ability for so long.

The good news, as explained in McMoneagle’s MIND TREK diary, is that there are possibilities for good, too, and you should try to develop YOUR ability, with less worry about what ‘other’s will say’, or ‘think’. Again, we ALL have these natural abilities to some degree,  and it’s quite ‘impossible’ to ‘turn it off’ completely, as I had tried to do for so long … Today I am in contact with a national organization made up of Police and Private Investigators who do their psychic investigations for free, as a public service. I met recently someone who did psychic investigation for the Hayward Police Department in California, in the San Francisco Bay Area, who’s only qualifications were classes we had both taken at the Berkeley Psychic Institute to develop our general abilities, not specific to missing persons …

I also had realized that I have the additional ability, or natural talent for psychometry: sensing information from a person’s object, such as a ring, while taking classes at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. Usually I get more information about the artist who made the jewelery than who recently wore it, sometimes to the extent of the actual artist her/himself, the artist’s tools, studio environment, even an abusive spouce … but that’s another story. Suffice it to say that my abilities went far beyond any classes/training I’ve ever had, and the ability to relax, focus, ground and run ‘energy’, and ‘open’ one’s mind to ‘input’, in a meditative framework is all that you might ever be taught. The psychic abilities, if positive, focused, and with INTENT, will follow afterward, and may just surprise you !

As a licensed/bonded Locksmith, I realize that lock picking is a good practice exercise for one’s telekinesis abilities, in that concentrating ‘too hard’, stressing, or following a ‘system’ will result in failure -vs- visualizing the lock is ‘already open’, smooth, flowing, and effortless. Meditation will quiet your mind from thoughts and worries, INTENT will open the door to real ‘input’ data, and impatience, frustration, thoughts of ‘silliness’, as well as skepticism will cause the ‘door’ to close, and you to fail each and everytime ! The road to developing the Psi talents we all have is long.

There is much help from people on the Internet like  Ellie Crystal, and Joni Dourif from Psi-Tech. The networking use of the Internet alone ( forums, chat rooms, e-mail, etc ) may save you
hours of searching writings like Edgar Cayce, or the Theosophical Society, and hopefully website like mine, at may save you years of pinpointing resources on the Net as well.

After the last ten years, I have no real regrets, although having  done nation talk-show radio interviews, I’d prefer to remain out of the spotlight these days, and teach and pass on what little I’ve found learned, and accumulated so far. The truth IS out there, but the drawback is that you have to want to look … INTENT – there’s  that word again … Here are some more recent stories of mine, and hopefully you will be excited enough to try some of these things for yourself … OR you can be afraid and say, «this might not be for everyone … «. Indeed …

«There you have it … could I have done anything differently? Don’t think so. She was in good ‘command’ of her vehicle as she drove away, and I left also to go to the office …still … When you get a
message – a psychic one, what do you do ? After a lifetime of  deliberately ignoring them, and then seeing the consequences, I have taken all of them quite seriously for the past 10 years or so,
and persued psychic traing via the Berkeley Psychic Institute, among other places. Could it be my ‘higher self’ ? Angels ? Guides ? Myself in the future – as McMoneagle says ? Perhaps – but to
ignore warnings is criminal. We all get them, some from dreams, some ‘visual’, some ‘audible’, some just ‘knowing’ …

PLEASE keep an open mind – the Universe just might have a message for YOU!»

73’s radioman